The products of Mössing Charakterstücke stand for innovative and unique furniture developed by young interior designers or directly by ourselves
We are thinking about extending our business portfolio by directly offering self-developed pieces of furniture for quite a long time now. Especially, the work with used wooden scaffold planks arouse our interest. Furthermore, we do not just want to realize our own ideas, but we also would like to support young and creative designers and be a starting point for realising their ideas.

Every Charakterstück starts with an innovative idea. We provide the space they deserve.

For our company Upcycling is already a big topic and that is why the sustainable character of wooden scaffold planks have fascinated us from the very beginning. Recycling wooden planks that, after many years of usage, are determined as waste products, fill us with great joy. We create completely new and unique pieces of furniture special vintage design which can easily be individual eyecatchers in its new environment.



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